Tessa Van den Bossche

Tessa Van den Bossche


Tessa Van den Bossche graduated in June 1995 as a social consultant to the Workers’ University in Brussels. In July of that year, she started her professional career in the Jewish Central in Antwerp where she had the opportunity to specialize in the complex tangle of recovery fees for victims of the Shoa .


In 2007, Van den bossche briefly worked for the Public Welfare Antwerp , Service Activation (Art. 60). She followed training as a debt mediator and a course Human Dynamics: “Living together, working together.” In September 2007, Van den bossche graduated as Master in law and she resumed her training as a lawyer. In September 2010 she started her own firm and she was joined by David Frejlich in November 2011.


Through her years of experience, Tessa Van den Bossche has a broad, multicultural perspective on law and society . Tessa Van den Bossche is a volunteer BJB and regularly looks after the strangers permanence and the consultation on the courthouse and the district court of Borgerhout.


Contact Tessa Van den Bossche:

T: +32 (0)3 663 70 72

F: +32 (0)3 663 70 76

E: tessavandenbossche@vocare.be


VAT BE 0817.287.455

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