Personal and Family Law
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Personal and Family Law

We assist people in personal and family law situations that can affect everyone, such as divorces, adoptions, alimony claims, problematic educational situations …

Our role is to assist our clients in these matters and to find a balance between the emotional and business approach. There are two ways: through mutual consultation or through the court.

If your case is appropriate, we will first try to find out if the parties can reach an agreement without the intervention of a judge. It is important that both parties can agree with the agreements and continue afterwards, especially if there are children involved.

If it is not possible to come to an arrangement by mutual agreement, the matter will be submitted to the court. The court must be convinced that what you are asking for is reasonable and legally correct. This can best be obtained by a specialized lawyer.

Our task, as lawyer, is to propose all the options to our client. Sometimes it is better to deviate from the standard proceedings. Obtaining a satisfactory outcome for our client is our absolute starting point.

At AdvoCare you are assured of quality at the highest level and the personal commitment of energetic lawyers..

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