David Frejlich
Advocaat David Frejlich

David Frejlich

Education and experience:

Degree in law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1992

Entry to the Bar of Jerusalem, 1993

Holder of an equally qualified certificate issued by the Flemish Examination, 1995

Master of Law in tax law, University of Antwerp, 1996

Admitted to the bar of Antwerp since 1996

Holder of the Certificate 'Special Training Cassation Procedure in Criminal Law'









After graduating from high school in Antwerp, David Frejlich stayed for nearly 10 years in Israel.

He started his university studies in Jerusalem. In 1992 he graduated and since 1993 he enrolled at the bar of Jerusalem. After his return to Belgium, he obtained an equally qualified certificate and a Masters in tax law.

Since 1996, Mr. David Frejlich worked as a lawyer at the Antwerp bar, a large association initially specialized in civil and commercial law, and then on an independent basis with close collaborations. Since 2011 he works in association with Tessa van den Bossche.

He specializes in contract law, procedural and judicial law, criminal law and traffic law.

Since 2016 David Frejlich is holder of the Certificate 'Special Training Cassation Procedure in Criminal Law'.

Legal matters:

Civil litigation including contract and tort law, co-ownership and tenancy, persons and family;

Commercial law and tax law;

Judicial law governing attachment law and arbitration;

Criminal law;

Traffic law.


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