Why AdvoCare

Why AdvoCare?

Open and clear communication:

Let’s face it, nobody is waiting for legal proceedings. But if it occurs, everyone wants a quick solution with maximum results and low costs. No legal talks but clear and understandable language.

We communicate with you in a smooth and understandable manner. Efficiency and direct contact are important to us. We communicate with you in one of the three national languages and also in English, Spanish, Hebrew and Yiddish.

Tailor-made solutions:

Good legal assistance requires customization. Every case and every client is different. Every client and every case is unique and requires our fully personalized attention.

Our task, as lawyer, is to propose all the options to our client. Sometimes it is better to deviate from the standard proceedings. Obtaining a satisfactory outcome for our client is our absolute starting point.

At AdvoCare you are assured of quality at the highest level and the personal commitment of energetic lawyers.

Our aim:

Our clients rely daily on our specialized knowledge. At first we try to avoid trial with expert advice, negotiation and mediation. If it does come to trial, we go all the way, efficiently and effectively. Our aim is to ensure a long term clear solution at minimal costs as quick as possible. Whether it concerns petitions, subpoenas, seizure or summary proceedings, witnesses or appeal.

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